Wood is one of the materials mainly used for building construction, such as luxury wooden alpine chalet for sale in france. It is an orthotropic material found in the trunks of trees, there are different types of wood.


Oak wood

A beautiful, hard and heavy wood (density: 0.769-0.991) with very visible yellow-brown annual rings, light and fine and deciduous, dark brown very resistant to rot in cross sections highlighting the medullary radius.


Bari Woods

It is used to mimic cedar and mahogany. Its main product is the high quality wood used for the manufacture of bowling pins, masts, ribs and boat armor, as well as for quality furnishing, plywood, parquet, bridges, bodies, frames, shingles, plates, joinery, sleepers, interior decorations, parts of mills, doors and windows.


Spring wood

Spring is an important forest tree in its natural range. The wood is cream, yellow or light brown, often with lists or bands and without a definite transition between sapwood and heartwood. The wood is sawn and machined very easily and takes a good finish. Spring woods are used for furniture, decorative veneers, moldings and lumber.


Melina Wood

Melina wood is used as lumber, for light constructions, furniture, floors, panels, packaging materials, conglomerates, plywood, construction of mines, matches, musical instruments, canoes and ornaments.


Wood of Guanacaste

Its wood is easy to work with and is used in planks and beams for rural buildings, kitchen sets, canoes, cart wheels, furniture, bodywork and veneers. It is resistant to fire and termites, durable in water and in wet soils.


Cedar wood

Its wood, very appreciated on the national and international market, is aromatic, strong, easy to handle and to polish. It is used in the manufacture of quality furniture, cabinet making, musical instruments – especially guitars -, decorative plates, foundry molds, plywood and, thanks to its mechanical properties, can be used in the manufacture of boats.


Mahogany wood

Mahogany is the best example of precious wood and is very popular in carpentry because it is easy to work while resisting pests (termites, woodworms, etc.), as well as its appearance. It is also a wood that resists moisture well.


Pine wood

In Mexico, pine is the most abundant on the market and the most commonly used in construction. It is also used for moldings, doors, windows, frames and drawers, where the durability of the motion-controlled room is vital. Its ability to tolerate drag, impact and tremors without splitting makes it preferred.








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